LB-480 #18 - setup - network

Ethernet mode:
IPv4 mode:
IPv4 address: (not used with BOOTP/DHCP, can be set to 0)
IPv4 netmask: (as above)
IPv4 gateway: (as above)
IPv6 mode:
IPv6 address: (not used with SAC, can be set to 0)
IPv6 prefix length: (as above)
IPv6 router: (as above)
Limit communication to single peer
IPv4 peer: (set to 0 to disable)
IPv6 peer: (set to 0 to disable)
DNS settings
Host name: (valid DNS name for this device, required for email)
DNS server: (IPv4 or IPv6 address)
syslog server: (DNS, IPv4 or IPv6 address)
lbx/lbdp proxy
Announce to proxy:
Proxy address: (DNS/IP address, IPv4 only)
Proxy port: (default: 19522)
Proxy password:
lbnetcfg device discovery
Disable device discovery:

NOTICE: any change here (except DNS/syslog) requires subsequent device reboot.